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Inserat – Tribus - 002

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Volkswagen e-Crafter wheelchair accessible minibus


Amarok no disponible.
Caddy no disponible.
Crafter disponible.
Transporter no disponible.

A zero emission wheelchair accessible M1 minibus to transport disabled people, especially designed for taxi and public transport.


Product description


The Tribus e-Crafter is a zero emission wheelchair accessible minibus. A solution to transport disabled people, especially designed for taxi and public transport. Thanks to the lightweight design the M1 minibus has a passenger capacity of 8+1 and can be driven with license B. The Tribus e-Crafter accommodates 8 seats and up to 2 wheelchair places.

Start your day with a full charge and drive up to 150 km. Substantially increase your range by recharging 80% battery within 45 minutes using a 40 kw DC fast charger. Or charge 5.20 hours with a wallbox or 10.50 hours with a wall socket. With the additional Ecodrive system you can optimise the driving style of your driver and extend the range even further.

As a standard the e-Crafter Tribus is equipped with TriflexAIR floor- and seating system; a mechanical 4-point wheelchair restraint system that is fully integrated in the floor. Securing and releasing wheelchairs can be done easy and fast, requiring no physical exertion. The TriflexAIR seats can fold and turn to create maximum space for the wheelchair passenger. The e-Crafter is nicely finished with colours and materials that match the original Volkswagen interior.

Passengers can easily board through the lowered front entry at the passenger’s side. The entrance has two steps with LED lightning and yellow entry bars at both sides to guarantee safety at all times. Disabled people can board by an automated and easy to use wheelchair lift at the rear. In case of an emergency the lift can be opened manually.


Length 5896 mm
Width 2040 mm
Height 2590 mm
Wheelbase 3640 mm  
Front overhang 1000m
Rear overhang 1346 mm
GVW Max. 3500 kg



Technical data

Vehicle base Crafter


Proostwetering 71
3543 AC Utrecht
The Netherlands